The Latest Petrol Prices in Pakistan [August 2023]

The Latest Petrol Prices in Pakistan [August 2023]

Petroleum prices in a particular country or region are affected by a lot of factors. The cost of crude oil (the natural source of all petroleum by-products), refining, distribution and marketing costs, profits, and fuel taxes are some of the noteworthy factors.

Depending on the financial capacities of their respective economies, governments, especially in developing countries like ours, also subsidize fuel prices to ease up the financial burden on the general public.

In Pakistan, the federal government grants millions of rupees as subsidies to maintain fuel prices and provide relief to the common man. However, the country still lacks a consistent policy for the provision of fuel subsidies.

Asian countries like China, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Malaysia have proper subsidy tools and management systems. Some of these countries even include fuel subsidies in their annual financial budgets, which our country should also do.


Now, let’s take a look at the latest fuel prices in Pakistan. The chart below shows you the current prices of the most commonly available petroleum by-products in the country, such as petrol, diesel, light diesel, and kerosene oil.

Fuel Type Fuel Price Before August 2023 Fluctuations Fuel Price in August 2023
Petrol PKR 272.95 Increased by PKR 17.50 PKR 290.45
High-Speed Diesel PKR 273.40 Increased by PKR 20.00 PKR 293.4
Light-Speed Diesel PKR 147.68 Unchanged PKR 147.68
Kerosene Oil PKR 164.07 Unchanged PKR 164.07
The above table shows today’s petrol prices in Pakistan

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