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MarlaKanalSquare Feet (Sq. ft.)Square Meter (Sq. m.)Square Yard (Sq. yd. / Gazz)
1 Marla0.05 Kanal225 Sq. ft.25 Sq. yd.21 Sq. m.
2 Marla0.1 Kanal450 Sq. ft.50 Sq. yd.42 Sq. m.
3 Marla0.15 Kanal675 Sq. ft.75 Sq. yd.63 Sq. m.
4 Marla0.2 Kanal900 Sq. ft.100 Sq. yd.84 Sq. m.
5 Marla0.25 Kanal1125 Sq. ft.125 Sq. yd.105 Sq. m.
6 Marla0.3 Kanal1350 Sq. ft.150 Sq. yd.126 Sq. m.
7 Marla0.35 Kanal1575 Sq. ft.175 Sq. yd.147 Sq. m.
8 Marla0.4 Kanal1800 Sq. ft.200 Sq. yd.168 Sq. m.
9 Marla0.45 Kanal2025 Sq. ft.225 Sq. yd.189 Sq. m.
10 Marla0.5 Kanal2250 Sq. ft.250 Sq. yd.210 Sq. m.
11 Marla0.55 Kanal2475 Sq. ft.275 Sq. yd.231 Sq. m.
12 Marla0.6 Kanal2700 Sq. ft.300 Sq. yd.252 Sq. m.
13 Marla0.65 Kanal2925 Sq. ft.325 Sq. yd.273 Sq. m.
14 Marla0.7 Kanal3150 Sq. ft.350 Sq. yd.294 Sq. m.
15 Marla0.75 Kanal3375 Sq. ft.375 Sq. yd.315 Sq. m.
16 Marla0.8 Kanal3600 Sq. ft.400 Sq. yd.336 Sq. m.
17 Marla0.85 Kanal3825 Sq. ft.425 Sq. yd.357 Sq. m.
18 Marla0.9 Kanal4050 Sq. ft.450 Sq. yd.378 Sq. m.
19 Marla0.95 Kanal4275 Sq. ft.475 Sq. yd.399 Sq. m.
20 Marla1 Kanal4500 Sq. ft.500 Sq. yd.420 Sq. m.

How to Use an DailyDHA Area Unit Converter?

A DailyDHA Area Unit Converter is a tool that can be used to convert between different area units. This can be useful for a variety of purposes, such as calculating the area of a shape in different units or comparing the area of two different shapes.

To use an area unit converter, you will need to know the area of the shape in the original unit, and the unit that you want to convert to. Once you have this information, you can simply enter the values into the converter and it will calculate the area in the new unit.

Here are the steps on how to use an area unit converter:

  1. Go to the DailyDHA area unit converter website.
  2. Enter the area of the shape in the original unit.
  3. Select the unit that you want to convert to.
  4. Click on the “Convert” button.
  5. The area in the new unit will be displayed.

Here are some additional tips for using an area unit converter:

  • Make sure that you enter the area of the shape in the correct unit.
  • If you are not sure what unit to use, you can check the converter’s help section.
  • The converter may have a variety of features, such as the ability to convert between different units, or the ability to calculate the area of different shapes.

By following these steps, you can easily use an area unit converter to convert between different area units.

About Daily DHA Area Converter

Not sure of what to do when facing unfamiliar area units? Introducing Daily DHA Area Unit Converter — now easily convert any unit of area measurement for better understanding. What is a unit of measurement? A unit is a measurement of a quantity, defined or adopted by tradition (and/or law). Human history has witnessed various forms of unit systems used in different regions and cultures. To eradicate this issue and help uniform the global system of measurement units, an international worldwide standard of measurement units was developed — also known as the International System of Units (SI). This modern form of the metric system, intended as a single set of rules and unit conversions for global use, has been fully adopted. What are the internationally recognized area units? The basic unit used to calculate land area measurements, elected by convention, and regarded as dimensionally independent, is the meter (m). However, in Pakistan, the most used unit to establish an area’s landmass is the marla. Use DailyDHA’s area unit converter to convert from marla to kanal, square feet (sq ft), square yards (sq yds), acres, and hectares. Benefits of using Area Unit Converter Usually most of the population involved in the real estate industry of Pakistan are somewhat familiar with the basic units of land area measurements. However, with that said, the majority of the citizens remain in the dark about many of these units. For example, the province of Punjab primarily uses the following as area calculating units: marla, Kanal, and acre, while those residing in the province of Sindh mostly use square feet (sq ft) and square yards (sq yds). Additionally, this land area converter is best for those looking to understand the variation in the property spheres of each province and aims to get involved in both. There is no need to download any area converter application or software because Daily DHA Area Unit Converter is the best measurement converter for you to take benefit from. Using this unit converter, you can easily convert all forms of land area measurements.

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